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PS! Wi-Fi's giveaway day is today! Hope to see you there!

Art was a collab this time with the lovely and talented Swiffix and Appletun a la Mode!

I did all the sketches and the background. Background is directly based off the Super Smash Bros character selection screen.
Appletun colored Greninja, Mabosstiff, Fidough, Zoroarak, Grafaiai, both Pikachu, Bellibolt, Florges red flower, & Gallade.
Swiffix colored Weavile, Pichu, Tinkaton, Talonflame, Ditto, & small Jigglypuff.
I colored Florges orange flower, Klefki, all the silhouettes, Slaking, Meowscarada, Gardevoir, Electrode, and the full body Jigglypuff.


I was peer pressured into shading this time


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GOOD DAY! I am here to take over ciran's art thread in the name of Wi-Fi!!!
Ciran do not attempt to resist, this is happening whether you like it or not :pip:


For over 3 years now, ciran has been the undeniable GOAT (proof) of the Wi-Fi room, gracing us with monthly masterpieces (and the occasional nightmare-inducing sketches) for our Official Giveaways! Her art consistently hits the mark, beautifully encapsulating the chosen theme, whether it's goofy, majestic, creepy, or just downright badass.

We can't stress enough how grateful we are for her amazing contributions to our community. ciran's talent, commitment, and knack for bringing our ideas to life through her art have left us in awe, time and time again. But ciran is more than just an amazing artist—she's a cornerstone of our Wi-Fi family. Her late-night art streams in preparation for the OGAs always manage to round up more people in the VC. She's constantly whipping up adorable (and cursed) sketches, either for giggles or to lift someone's spirits or simply as a gesture of thanks for the efforts people put into our community.

We can't express how much we love her and how grateful we are to have her with us. But don't just take my word for it—let's hear it straight from the team!

Ciran and her OGA art is actually the reason I learned how to do lineless! So she's not just contributing to the room events every month, she has actively inspired at least one other person in their artistic growth. ♡♡♡

Ciran is an inspirational artist, their art is always so filled with so much personality and is a visual feast for the eyes. There's always so many fun details and the expressions for the subjects always make me smile. Beyond art, Ciran is a joy to be around, I cannot sincerely think of a dull moment. I'm truly grateful to have met them

ciran's art is literally the reason I first applied to help the Wi-Fi room with its OGAs so that technically makes her my PS/Smogon origin story. She's a loyal, honest, caring, smart, funny, and extremely talented person that I feel privileged to call my friend ♡

A gigantic thank you to the absolute GOAT who produces astonishing art pieces every month for the event! Ciran is the best, not like Probopass <3

Ciran has been an incredible member of the Wi-Fi team for years and has been an astounding artist for as long as I've known her! She's a fantastic buddy as well!

Cirans artwork never fails to astound me, it has been a staple in the Wi-Fi room for longer than I can remember, and I couldn't imagine our Official Giveaways without it.

I offer fucked up peeled Pokemon for Wi-Fi.
You offer actual good artwork for the room.
We're not the same.
You're definetly better ♡
Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you for your amazing artwork and for being an irreplacable part of the Wi-Fi team.

ciran is the undisputed goat, and I don't think the wifi room would be the same without her - generally speaking but especially in terms of all the work she does for the OGA time after time; she has a special talent for fostering an incredibly fun and positive environment with her presence and her art

Ciran GOAT

It isn't an Official PS Wi-Fi Giveaway w/o ciran's artwork, and I'm always looking forward to seeing her next awe-inspiring creation!

ciran has been with the room through thick and thin and she makes an incredible effort to make staff feel comfortable and is quite nice. Also an excellent sense of humor :D

Talented, receptive and determined are a few words to describe such an incredible individual. Without Ciran, Wifi would not be the same. Thank you for all of your hard work!

thanks for being the raddest artist and hanging out with the rest of us in the wi-fi room all these years :)

It's been an absolute treat watching ciran's work every month for the OGA! Her talent is amazing and the room is very lucky to have her as our resident Events Artist! My favorite of the OGA pieces is the 'Natural History OGA' one, of which I have some bias since it was a theme I suggested :3 I went and suggested (or ciran asked me? idk was ages ago haha) some ideas on how to approach the art and I was astounded at the finished product, due to it being essentially what I envisioned in my head when I was submitting my theme :D

ciran's incredible talent always catches the themes to our official giveaway events in the most unique way possible!

Ciran’s art is always incredible and she’s helped me improve my art immensely!

Thanks Ciran for all the work you've put into our community! You're so appreciated :)

Despite me not being well versed at all in art I appreciate hers a lot

I would like to give a shoutout to Ciran, who has been surprising me each month with such an amazing talent at drawing arts for the room's events, specially for OGA! The dedication, creativity and attention for all the small details is impressive, I'd be more than glad to see more of these arts in the near future.

I think it's wonderful she always kept true to her heart while around.

:rapidash: THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!:rapidash:
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